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To be a catalyst for needed changes and betterments to the effectiveness of Maritime Cybersecurity issues for the benefit of all

Why Perform Cybersecurity Risk Assessments?

The digital era of today has ushered in innovative technologies like Cloud hosted apps, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). All of these can enhance a company’s productivity, increase revenue, and help strengthen the user experience. However, with this technology comes an increased risk of devastating cyberattacks. With these threats on the horizon, your company must discover ways to protect your infrastructure and valuable data. Therefore, businesses like yours have found value in carrying out cybersecurity risk assessments.

Any proper cybersecurity risk assessment will be an on-going process, where your company uncovers, protects, and fixes any potential risk or vulnerabilities. Your evaluation should be a central component of your company’s security plan. Before initiating your cybersecurity risk assessment, we ensure we can produce the following:

  • Identify potential threats
  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • Predict the impact of threats
  • We are ringing the alarm on cyber security

Cybersecurity Practice - Focus on Maritime

At any given time 50000 vessels are at risk on the world’s waters

We can help you fight maritime digital cyber piracy!

Increased Awareness

A cybersecurity risk assessment can help educate all your employees on what threats your business may face, where those threats might take place, and how those threats can potentially impact their role. Implementing this type of assessment will teach them the importance of cybersecurity but also allow them to embed cybersecurity efforts into their daily list of responsibilities. Being aware of potential threats is a significant first step towards defending your company.

Mitigate Future Risk

No company can say that they’re safe from the consequences of the cyberattacks the industry faces today. However, being prepared for any hacks can save your company time, money, and resources. Implementing an effective cybersecurity risk assessment will help your business mitigate hacks or breaches. In other words, this test will help prepare your company for the worst, even if the worse never comes. When your company is prepared, this will ensure you can mitigate the damage of a successful attack.


  1. Perform assessment of People & Process (in office & on-rigs/vessels as needed)
  2. Perform assessment of Technology (Automated, based on connected Appliance)
  3. Findings Analysis and Reporting
  4. Remedial actions – if/as necessary
  5. Perform re-assessment as required
  6. Resilience snapshot & Compliance – achieved

Continuous resilience and compliance required Appliance to remain connected through out


The appliance equates the presence of a full fledged SOC (Cyber Security Operations Center) on vessels, rigs, or in the office. It maintains encrypted communication to its host centre and receives live threat updates dynamically. If communication is interrupted it stores data and syncs when the connection is restored.

Only traffic and data packet structures are monitored – no actual client data is seen, copied or taken in any manner.

Some examples:

  • If anyone tries to add a temporary device to your network without due process by your admin team, you are alerted and they are blocked
  • If anyone in your network tries to clandestinely copy data to external destination (external email, cloud, media/USB) you are alerted with full details of user, machine IP number, time, date, nature of data being compromised) and they are blocked
  • If anyone in your network mistakenly clicks and permits an unsafe link or download, it is blocked and you are alerted

The Appliance offers integrated SIEM, Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection, Behavioural Monitoring, DLP, Incident Response and Forensics

It performs automated detection of threats using SIEM, Intrusion Detection & endpoint Data Leakage Prevention with 24×7 analysis and support by Security experts

The Appliance connected to all cyber sensitive systems of the vessel, provides remote infrastructure management services that ensure comprehensive cyber resilience at low fee per day per vessel.


  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • SIEM & Log Management
  • Behavioural Monitoring
  • Security & Compliance Reporting
  • Network Monitoring
  • Data Leakage Prevention